Tuesday, 7 June 2011

BE@BRICK in da House~!!!

Everyone has a dream , dreams for big car, luxurious or a big house. The little BE@BRICK has the same dream like human too... : p

* So I had finally achieved their dream~!!!!

It's really useful casing  if you are a bearbrick collector and wondering how to handle it! I saw it first from some of my blogger friend, who collector bundle of different series of bearbrick figures and recommended through his blog post, and I had choose this one with two deck so that I can put them in two row.

You can simply find this casing at DAISO Japan (branch at Jusco Bukit Indah), a convenience store which selling all the stuff in RM5, and there are many size available for toy collector, all depends on your needs.
With this you could arrange and place your bearbrick or toys,and protect them at the same time.

This is how it look when put in the BE@RBRICK :

So Hurray~!!! Don't forget to grab a ''House'' for your BE@RBRICK too...!


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