Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Apple New Introduction - iOS 5 Released

I got noticed of this when few days ago through a Facebook video link from Youtube ( 6 June) , and feel great that finally the iOS 5 is going to releases soon . So when is this iOS 5 is gonna release? I believe this is the most common question by all Apple fans.

From Mac Rumors many people say that it's gonna release within this month. Although Apple did not tell the exact date, but I guess it must be this year and probably before the release of new iPhone 4GS.

Let's watch this video to see the great improvement of iOS 5!

Apple  has currently released more than 200 new features in its new iOS 5 and was grouped into 10 major categories which is :

  • Notification Center
  • iMessage
  • Newsstand
  • Reminder
  • Twitter
  • Camera
  • Photo
  • Safari
  • PC Free
  • More Features

All this features are available for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch . 
You can also check out for more details through Apple's official site :

I feel really awesome with all these surprising and awesome iOS new function, it's much more better than previous version and improved to another new touch pad technologies territory.

Well there is really some amazing features I really like, such as the even better Safari site seeing experience.
With the multiple tabbed browsing could help me to keep track on several web pages and switch between them easily, just like we experience in PC or laptop.

Another best part of its features is Wi-Fi Sync, where currently we could automatically sync our iPhone or iPad to the computer without plug in the wire, it's wirelessly shared through the WiFi connection.

Check out the website for more details to view its smarter features for your smart iPhone or iPad !

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