Monday, 13 June 2011

A Local Film From Malaysia - Movie Review of KL Gangster

Have  you ever been watching and support a local film production?

''Gangster'' movies seems to be the currently popular topic in the local films such as ''Kongsi'' (the films with more car racing and drifting, I missed!!!) and another is ''KL Gangster''.

Here's the movie trailer of the films :

KL Gangster was a Malaysia local films by SCOOP Production, and it's currently on theaters from 9 JUNE 2011. The movie played by few famous local star like Aaron Aziz, Syamsul Yusof, Zizan Raja Lawak, Adi Putra, Sofi Jikan, Sheera Iskandar, Ridzuan Hashim.

The story start with the main role of the films Malek (by Aaron Aziz) who had just released from prison due to a case ''set-up'' by Shark (by Syamsul Yusof) one of the reputed gangster from KING ( Kongsi club in KL). Malek tends to live with a new life without interferes to any gangster activities no more.

Jai, (by Adi Putra) , brother of  Malek who  actively serves  another Kongsi club DRAGON . He's a cruel and cold  bloods  gangster who fight  and  kill  hardly without  sympathy to  anyone  and  greedy  of   money. 
He did   privately took the money from the boss of DRAGON.

Shark who are greedy in power and ambitious tends to kill Malek who has been long time his enemy and wanted to build the biggest kongsi club in KL. He's the stepson of the leader KING.However KING would only like to be peace with DRAGON and has no hostility with Malek.

In order to enhance the power of KING in KL, Shark has invited Jai to his gang but refused strongly by Jai who said he only loyal to a master. Finally Shark given an best offer in money to Jai to changed his mind and Jai decided to in. Meanwhile the decision was doubted by his brother Malek who had been set up by the villain and advised him no to enter his gang to void the same ending as him. But  Jai who only looks money in eyes said he had decided and nobody can change his minds.

Well Shark has also tried to pull in Malek as the member to root out the gang DRAGON from KL, but refused strongly and insulted by Malek who hatred him for long time.

Shark feels KING block his developing of power and  finally choose to kills his stepfather , the leader KING and Malek as well .Malek start the revenge after he found his best friend were killed by Shark but has been stop by his brother Jai, who are now only loyal to his leader , and the fight begins.....

In my opinion, the movie is quite awesome and the topic is quite good, it got some familiarity with a series of Hong Kong hooligan films <古惑仔>. For me I will vote 4 out of five stars for the movie.

I think what is satisfying most people appetite was the couple of fighting scenes in the movie, well my favorite parts was the fighting scene of two brother Malek and Jai,  and the shooting scene when Shark chasing and killing his stepfather KING in Jalan Sri Petaling (茨厂街 ).

On the other hand, I also like the language they used in the films, very local, very freestyle. You can simply hear the words like , lu, gua, lansi, diao, chao, bo chap...etc. Those are very popular Malaysia slang and vulgar language.

However the quite disappointed  part is the movie was quite short ...=(
I think the film can be more better if they lengthening the plot and story of Shark after he totally get the power from his stepfather KING, and plus the scenes of  how DRAGON will uprooted by him. All this are actually what I expected for =)

Malaysia films has developed for Malaysia and some supported by government body such as FINAS. But what was quite disappointed is FINAS only support films that have Malay Language and there are many terms and condition blocked many ambitious Chinese director to start their films.

Nevertheless, I can see a lot of improvement from our local director and films production especially the Chinese films like <天天好天>,however nowadays people just support their own race's movie. This is what I observe there's only less than 30 people in the cinema, and I'm the only 1 Chinese who watching the local Malay's films.

People should pay more attention on local capable and potential films while they enjoying those american 3D and effective action movies.!!!

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