Friday, 3 June 2011

Prodcut Review - Cooling Mat for Laptop '' COOLKIT"

Just have a glance on it during the last week shopping at Action City in Jusco Bukit Indah, and my vision just got attracted by this cooling mat.

As the promoter told me, COOLKIT is a cooling mat designed to absorb heat promptly when placed under the laptop.

This will prevent 'toasted skin syndrom' on the lap caused by long term heat exposure that may lead to darken skin and burns.

It's pretty fresh for me and I've take consideration for a while whether to buy or not because the price not as attractive as its function. It's cost RM 59.80 (it's actually expensive than a normal laptops cooling fan)

Anyway at the end I still decided to buy it and give it a try .

Here's the photo for the COOLKIT from many views,
                                  * Compatible with 12 to 15.3 inch laptop

Product Highlights :

  • Made from highly polymerized compound.
  • The granular of such material will absorb heat temperature is over 25 degree Celsius,change their molecular appearance , forming a viscous gel that will continually absorb heat and allow it to dissipate
  • Cool laptop without plugging any intakes.
  • Able to work continually over 8 hours. ( I got a doubt~!!)
  • Under natural condition, the crystals in the mat will automatically reform as temperature falls and can be used repeatedly.
Unfortunately there's some disadvantages of this cooling mat, whereby the heat can't be released after a long hours used. One day I tried to switch On the laptop and let download for something, I feel the bottom was hot and the surface of COOLKIT were hot too!

I think this is more suitable for ''Outdoor Use'' rather than use at home, it will be convenient to bring out if you plan to use your laptop outside for just couple of  hours without letting the laptop overheat.

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