Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Toy Collection - BE@BRICK Unboxing

Today, the collectible toy BE@BRICK, a toy designed and produced by the Japanese company MediCom Toy Incorporated , has been the most people's top favorite collection nowadays !

Obviously (from few of my post ), you can see I was addicted too .But I'm still not those 'real'' addicts who will collecting the whole set of every figure from each Series, either collecting from ebay or forum from the worldwide seller.

I used to got a question where a friend from social network asked me how can he get started to collect the toy and he feel a bit confusing with a bundle of the BE@RBRICK figures in the market.Well some of the newbie collector ( means fresh or freelance collector like me) wondering how to know each BE@BRICK comes in each package.

Actually the answer is quite simple, I'd say '' Just buy a box BE@RBRICK of any series and you'll definitely know the answer !''  But this is not a particular answer i think, and there're many other side-version of BE@BRICK like special limited edition,100% & 400% figures etc.

All these figure were designed by the specified designer,some of it even from world-class famous designer. Some of it even need to buy from oversea or ebay to get it. What i recommend for newbie is starting with collecting most simple 100% first.

Currently the BE@RBRICK series released until Series 21 which has 12 figures available to be collected
(as shown from picture above)

So today I'm gonna shows you how to know and differentiate each BE@RBRICK comes in each package and knowing the chance or percentage for getting a desired figure by the following  unboxing of the normal 100% BE@RBRICK series :

Here's is one my most recent collection of BE@RBRICK  from Series 21,

*It's pretty simple to learn each figure avails in every Series of BE@RBRICK, like the picture from the
  right,you  can see that  there are  totally 12 set  of  figure available in Series 21 with the name and     probability  (percentage) stated beside showing the chances for  getting each of the figures in that series.

And this is the content inside that we can see after unboxed,

* As you can see each Series of BE@BRICK will comes with a sealed package which consists of  the unknown figure (of course will be knowed after opened) and the little Certificate Card for the figure.

This is what you can see after the sealed package  opened ,

*Normally the online seller will post the picture something like this to proves the customer that this figure is fresh-new unopened one.

This is normally the back of each Certificate Card  looks like ,

*Well mostly the back of the card will give you the website of its designer so that you can know more about   him.

Although I got a strong feel that wanted to collect most of my favorite BE@RBICK figures, but I scared the cost will 'spoil' my pocket a big hole. Anyway I'm still in a condition of under-control.

Some real BE@BRCIK 's Big-Fans has really collecting their whole favorite figures set by spending about RM300++ to buy a whole box (24 figures inside) since it's more valuable if compared with  those collecting one by one. Currently the price for each single BE@BRICK cost about RM 19.80 (Action City price) , and  if you chose collecting one by one,you may need to spend  quite big  amount to collect the whole figure from the  series .

However, unless you are planning to get 5 out 10 figure or above (in a same series), if not you better don't try the method above since you will get a lot of the duplicate figures and need to sell it out to the others through internet.

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