Friday, 15 April 2011

New Toy in da House !!! - BE@BRICK 21 ''ARTIST''

Yesterday, I just got my 3rd BE@BRICK from series 21 - ARTIST, which is the Bearbrick i bought after JELLYBEAN & FLAG from the same series. Hereby i would like to sharing with you guys  some of my unboxing photo for my ARTIST.

I like the surprising moment whenever I unboxing the winning from ''Lucky Draw'' , due to the chances of getting a favorite one is unpredictable! All these so-called probability were fully depends on luck.

de~deng!!!, here's the unboxing for my new-born ARTIST.....

....And this is the Certificate for ''him'' ~!!!!

Anyway ,how does it look?! Pretty nice right?

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As i  heard from  the dealer, the most favorite choice  for most  people from  series 21  was the  couple  of SF TRON Legacy , which have the same percentage of ARTIST to getting it 6.25%. From the auction price i research form ebay, some collector even sell it with higher price to get profit.

However my most favorite choice is the BASIC which is a basic design of BE@BRICK exists in each series.
What  attracted me most is the shinning metal-red color body, which looked quite fantastic and fascinating to me. The chance  to get it is 9.37%, stands  the highest percentage from its series 21.

Anyway i will try my best and hopefully my luck will comes (to get the BASIC) before the series 22 coming out ! or else I'll forced to buy it online from the others =.=''

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