Sunday, 6 March 2011

Where I Come From

First of all i want to show you where is the country site i lived .
Johor Bahru, Malayisa , the Southern Part of Eurasia, and it's about 30 km away from our neighbour Singapore.

The area within the red line is a crucial project that our government has choose the part of my living site as one of the economy development region of the greatest project 'Iskandar Malaysia' which will bring a lot of developments in many fields in our province .

Beside the growth of the GDP,ours facilities such as Healthcare,Education,Business,Commercial, CBD and a bundle of development will be rise up here.....

Since i was still new with the blogging idea, i'm still doing some researching about how to improve my creativity so that my blog will keep generating with more and more idea no matter it is funny or intellectual that 
could brings a lot of fun or knowledge to my lovely audience. I strongly believe that Darren Rowse,the owner of the site PROBLOGGER will be a good lecture for everyone. He was a quite experience blogger who had make a lot of money from blogging and now he is willing to share with everyone without any secrets .

I will spend most of my time for surfing the internet before i start blogging,especially for Facebook,and i was quite pretty sure that most of you did the same with me.Is that means that people  were attracted by the so called  fascinating ,charming application from the social network? how many of them are really connect with their friends mostly with this things? So lets talk about it later.

On the other hand, photography is one of my new interest,and it is quite expensive hobby.I has had spent a big amount on this hobby since the last year,and current i hold a Canon DSLR body of 50D ,one Speed Lite 430EX II flash ,and one Tamron 17-50mm (VC).

I still in the status of 'Beginner',especially the editing after shoot like Photoshop.From most of the picture taken,honestly i could say that there is still a lot of improvement needed,and some of my picture will uploaded
and share with you guys soon !!!

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