Tuesday, 8 March 2011

My Top 10 Blogging Idea

It is hard for a beginner to put a great post consistently on a day-to-day basis,where you need to really work hard on finding many Blog Topics to approach as problogger.Due to the convenience of the technology,you can actually pay for your topic,by subscribing  any  newsletter of the others blogger  who will continually send you with great topics daily with a contended payment .

However,i had decided to choose the hardest way, to write the blog topics by myself. I really willing to put on my effort to learnt and write more topic since i have many ideas could shares and i was naturally talkative person.I had read through few 'expert' blogger's suggestion and remembered few ideas in my mind.

So here are my TOP 10 Blogging Idea that i think are great to stimulate yours mind .

1. Write a Tutorial
   You can shares  one of your specific knowledge or skill with  your reader.
   You can either choose to write the instruction professionally and thoroughly,
   describe each of the step with particular details.Post a screenshot or make
   a video will makes your tutorial even better.Use some photoshop and video
   editing software  to  improve the visual effect of your tutorial.

2.How Do You Think About Social Network
   Today,everyone lives was surrounded by a bundle of social network,and it
   seems we need social network to feed our lives. Start from the most  popular   Facebook, twitter,myspace,Friendster,Blogger, until Sina (China social network). People lovethe so called space that specifically created for them to fully spend their time on it.
   People are usually tend to find a place that could release their trouble,their
   angry, their blame on the 'wall'. So with so much of relevant topics , you can    actually  explain  something to your reader or by asking what is the purpose they use social network.

3. Make A Post That Solves A Problem
   It seems like the same as mentioned above,but it still different anyway.
   Fore example,if you are a problogger,you could write some article by
   teaching how can people start a blog, how can they achieve internet
   marketing on their website.More and more reader will be attracted if
   you are able to performs your article with useful knowledge.Try to
   simplified your topic with less nonsense .

4. Write A Post Commenting A Movie
   You might same with me as a moviegoers,and can  watch few movie per month.
   So why don't you shares your favorite to the public if it was a really thumbs-up
   one?. Maybe post some comment with the charming movie poster and tell your
   reader how you feel to the movie, and even discuss it together .Remember,'
   sharing is caring'.So do not feel shy on it .

5. Recommend A Book That Really Inspiring You
You may read through a lot of book in your life,maybe you have a wide range of reading scale, from economy to science,or maybe your are just like the book wrote about investment.Whatsoever the books you read .
Just feel free to talk about any 1 of the book you had just recently read.
A great recommendation will brings a great reader,so explain it to the reader what had you learnt from the book and it's best parts.

6. Spruce Up Your Post With Pictures
Somebody like to post their photo to shows people how they enjoy their live.For achieving this, there is no necessary to upload some pro-photographer looks picture.
You can just simply upload maybe 5 to 10 pictures you had just taken from the party,or the great moment you shared with your family,boyfriend or best friend.
And from most of my concern,this is the most popular way that the girls like to do.
Put some caption under your picture might be one of the good idea.

7. Shares Your Working Experience 

Write something about your job,if it's really interesting and you willing   to
shares with people.You may write this as a dairy,telling people about your thought today towards your job,or maybe can tell how you had solves the hardship and problem within your working area etc.

8.Technology Products
People nowadays were attracted so much by the technology products,and someone has even become the slave of the technology by chasing its pace.Whenever there's a new product,they will fling caution to the winds for getting the first new product on hand. So, you could post some recommendation about the new release products like computer or camera,but it must not be too late from the date released,so that people
could grab the first update from you,not the old one.

9. Write About Some Hottest News
With the help of blog,you can be an author of the News as well.There are so many things happened around the world every day every single moment, and some of it does not published in the main News website.You can try to post some specific news which may probably not published in the Straits Times or CNN.For example,if you are from Malaysia, maybe you could post some news that can 'wow' the reader which might be a big news in your country.You can also write your comment about the news you read, just not too much sensitive word in content will be fine.

10. How To Make Money From Online Business
Last but not least,you could also make some business or website if you really have the business idea. You could do it well if u can put some good details on your product,just like you do it on ebay.However, there is another simple way to make money,that is Internet Marketing. You can explain  how to generate money from the website or blog by putting some
advertisement gadget like Google Adsense ,Chitika,or some Affiliate Program to make the money.

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