Thursday, 17 March 2011

Toy Collection - BE@RBRICK Part I

One of my new hobby is collecting toy, BE@RBRICK , i believe you did know what it is. It's becoming more and more people's favorite and collection.

There are many series of Bearbrick and now is already proceed to Series 21.There are two difference figure size ,100% and 400% height, and my collection is 100% only so far because the 400% is much more expensive .

I started mine collection from Series 18 and quite enjoyable  because the way to get it is fun. Although it cost around RM17 each, but what you get is totally depends on luck, each package  didn't tell you which type of  Bearbrick inside, so it's sort of  ''Lucky Draw'' .

Every series of Bearbrick have 12 different design figures, and there must have a ''Basic'' Bearbrick which is a plain-designed figure represent the Series.Moreover each figures have its Assortment Rate from each box , means you could know how much is the probability to get one of your favor figure.

There are many fantastic design of Bearbrick on the market but just quite hard to get it. If you not willing to waste to much time and get a dislike figure, you could buy from people who retails their collection.

Right here i would like to post few of my collection photo to shares with you!!!

Hopefully you guys will like my photography,more photo will be uploaded for the rest of my collection.

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