Monday, 28 March 2011

Japan Spawns A Very Small Tsunami After 6.5-magnitude Earthquake

Monday 28/3, the authorities of Japan called off a tsunami advisory after a magnitude of 6.5 earthquake off the country's northeast coast produced small ripples on the coastal area.

According to Japanese Meteorological Agency, they persuade coastal residents to remain prepared to evacuate because of the continued threat of aftershocks that could spawns tsunami.

According to the news, the tsunami height had been expected to climb up to half a meter or 1.6 feet height.
The meteorological expert Hirofumi Yokoyama said that Monday's temblor was the latest of a series of aftershocks to rattle the region since a magnitude of 9 quake and the tsunami it triggered devastated coastal villages,killed thousands of people and set off Japan's into worse nuclear disaster .

Yokoyama also said that aftershocks of this magnitude could still produce a dangerous tsunamis.
Currently there were no any immediate reports of damage or injuries report announced to the area.The U.S Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said no wave was expected in Hawaii or on the U.S west coast.

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