Sunday, 27 March 2011

Run Out From The Rat Race - Learn Investment

What will  you do to face the inflation which goes up day by day?

I read a  news yesterday that a minister tells his country's  people ,the inflation for this year will maintain high and unavoidable.It will again burden the cost of living for everyone.

The only Best way he said to solves the problem is,

       ''Upgrading one's skills and increasing one's salary is the only way to tackle cost of living.''

Well, is that right he said?!

Today, the no 1 issue for everyone is cost of living, people wake up early before the sunrise and go home sunset for the working.
Training may not a sexy subject but upgrading one's skills will really improve their social competitiveness .Generally speaking this is quite suitable for most people today.

However, is this the best way to tackle our living cost?
Answer : I absolutely don't think so.

Why? Do you think the inflation will goes down or disappear after you getting a new stronger working skill?
How about the inflation maintained and the rate goes even higher after few year? Does it means by the moment you need to learn and upgrade more and more skills until like a ROBOT?

The picture below will tells what gonna happened at the end.

It means in order to tackle the living cost, we keep upgrading working skills for our competitiveness ,at the end we will like the man in the picture ''Running in the circle'' over and over, also known as ''rat race''

So we know that we don't want to be work unstoppable like hell in our life, we want more time for enjoyment with family,friends or even from travel .

The best for me is to learn and upgrading skills. Skills that you can't find from any working skills training ;skills that will tackling down your living cost while able to turning your life to become rich . 


I strongly believe the only way to run out from the rat race is to learn investment.
So NOW you can think about how investment can makes you afford your cost of living ; how will it turning people to better life without struggling the money.

I will talk about how investment will increase our competitiveness to inflation on my next POST.

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