Tuesday, 15 March 2011

How to Make Money By Using Affiliate/Associate Program

Today, many internet user all trying their hard to make money online,but it's definitely hard for a newbie like me to make some odd money from internet.Based on my research from many sources, i found one
useful way which is quite suitable for more newbie in blogger,that is Affiliate Program.

What is Affiliate Program ?
You may heard Affiliate or Associate Program but what exactly does it means?
Essentially an affiliate program is a system that allows webmasters or bloggers to earn money by referring customers or leads to another website that sells goods or services.There are many affiliate
 program you can decide to join such as, Amazon Associates,ebay Associates,Chitika Associates and many mores.

The affiliate actually does not sell product but you just need to simply refers the potential customers to storefront on another site.When this potential customers has interested to the product from your website,they will click on the ads on your site, and you will only makes money once they buy the product.By taking Amazon Associates  as an example, the affiliate will gets a small percentage(commission) whenever a viewer goes from the affiliate website to the Amazon.com and buy something from that website.

I would like shows you several example that i had read, learnt from many sources, while i still trying on
 some of these affiliate program.

How to Make Money From Associates Program?

Amazon Associates is one of the essential and oldest affiliate program on the Internet, and i am trying to make some odd dollars from it now.It's pretty simple to join this program :

1. Sign up for the Amazon Associates program.
2. Once they approve your application,you can access the given site and start your
3. There are optional choice available like Link &Banners, Widgets, Site Stripe and products selling.
4. After you made a choice you can create affiliate links on your site and if a visitor on  your site clicks
    on one of the affiliate links and goes to the Amazon Associates.com and then buy something from      
     within the time period specified in affiliate agreement,you will get credit for the sale and earn the
     commission up to 15%. from the total selling price (shipping not included).

I know it's sounds easy but is totally different from what you thought in the real practice.To make money,   you need to make sure you got sufficient visitor on your site and how many people that sent from your site are actually buy somethings within 24hrs in Amazon.com. This is known as '' Conversion rate''.

You can also choose ebay Partner Network where the process of joining is almost the same with the affiliate above.Anyway i am not using it yet since i still trying the other affiliate Program. You can put either Tools,widgets,or links of your ebay shop to your own site. But the feature of this affiliate program is Quality Click Pricing.

ebay pays you for clicks sent to ebay from your site.The amount of paid per
 click (EPC) were on daily basis depends on the clicks quality.

Once the traffics you brings to ebay were approved,they will post an EPC amount and is visible on your account the next day.However the EPC can be 0 if your traffic drives no revenue .So you need know how to optimize traffic to your site first beforeget the paid.

Many people really makes a lot of money from Chitika (the banner below my web page).
You  can add the ads into your other website, as long as approved
 by the system with  agreements.Currently I had joined their Referral Program and the Advertisor Referral Program, and i will earn $25
once my advertiser referral reaches $ 100 spent in their ad campaign , 10% of profit will be given to me from every money my referral earn.

One of the benefit of Chitika Ads is it can be used with Google AdSense because they are
non-contextual and Chitika do not look like AdSense units. However this ad could only visible to US and Canada search engine traffic ONLY. That means it's invisible to us or viewer from out of this 2 ountry,
luckily the owner (ourself) can ''preview'' the ads on our page. The money you earn can be redeemed and paid by checks or Paypal.

One of my interested tools is Text Link Ads., where you can making
 money from your site by selling a text-based Ads. After I read through
 some blog  with this ads, i go and applied to be their advertisers but i was failed because of the traffic and my site was still new.Anyway i will try the others first and register the TLA next time.

As the Asia Pacific's first blog advertising community, nuffnang
 has been a popular and high rated choice from Malaysia site.
 I had seen this ads from most Malaysian blog or website
.As from 2009,there are over 80,000 bloggers in Singapore, Malaysia,Philippines and Australia used nuffnang ads on their blog and its advertiser were those namebrand  like Honda, SONY,Nike,    HugoBoss, etc

Anyway, i hope i could go through all this affiliate and ads while i trying hard to gained more traffic to my site.
Without traffic ,any best affiliate program or ads such AdSense will be wasted and will just making a few dollars.Traffic is one of the reason why i was rejected by AdSenes and i believe i will sign it up when one day i learnt how to get more traffic to my blog and website.There are hundred of making money way available and this is my favorite choice to shares with you today.



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