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Asian Food In Malaysia -Top 10 Most Popular food in Malaysia

Malaysia,a multi-races country mainly consists of Malay, Chinese, and Indian.with numerous of  indigenous people.Being Malaysia's Truly Asia meaning that we are represents the most feature of the Asia and able to offer the best of Asian food as well .To decide on the Top 10 Most Popular food in Malaysia is not easy as being Malaysian.I believe this is my honor to represent my country to introduce our gourmet  to you.All these food are commonly served at the loca Food Counrt or Kopitam./Mamak.

Number 1. Nasi Lemak  

Food Type : Indian & Malay /Halal

Nasi Lemak is the most popular breakfast choice for Malaysian. Basic nasi lemak made of coconut milk rice served with 4 most important ingredients, anchovies sambal(also known as Ikan bilis),peanuts, hard boil egg and slices of cucumber. To enrich the taste ,curry chicken or lamb can be added for better satisfaction.

Location : Most Malay and Indian restaurant

Number 2. Roti Prata    

Food Type: Indian

Roti Prata (or called Roti Canai) is a Malaysian word which translates is as "Flattened Bread (flour/dough).It was like the bigger size of pancake which is repeatedly kneaded, oiled and folded before being  cooked on a flat iron skillets.There are more than 20 types of 'ROTI' for you to try.The most popular type of roti are made with margarine butter,egg, sugar,Sardine fish and serves with Indian curry spices.

Location : You can find out mostly in Indian Restaurant for original taste

Number 3.   Satay   

Food Type : Malay Food /Halal

Satay is basically a kebab,barbecued with marinated meat such as chicken ,beef or lamb.It also served with onion,cucumber and ketuput,eat with the delicious Satay source with peanut.It's  a wonderful gourmet specially present for barbecue food lover.

Loaction : Local Food court,the most famous Satay is Kajang
                                                                                      Satay located at Kajang

Number 4. Chicken Rice

Food Type : Chinese Food/Non- Halal

Chicken Rice or Hainan Chicken rice is the most Chinese and foreigner favorite food in Malaysia.The oiled rice cooked by the pandan leaf with chicken stock and topped with steamed chicken.The speciality of the dish is defined by the chicken meat where the  smoothness and juiciness remains .The slices of cucumber and tomato ,and the chili sauce will        bring you an unforgettable great  taste.
                                                      Location : Most of the food court

Number 5. Bak Kut Teh            

Food Type : Chinese Food /Non- Halal

Bak-Kut Teh or generally known as pork herbal soup which the pork rib or pettitoes simmered in the claypot with Chinese herbs.You can pick up your choice to put in other ingredients like 'yao cha kuey' (fried flour sticks),mushroom or vegetables,etc. The irresistable taste had bring the invention of 'Chi-Kut Teh',which is the halal version replaces the pork with chicken.

Loaction : Specifically in the Bak Kut Teh Restaurant

Number 6.  Char Kuey Teow

Food Type: Chinese /Non-Halal

It may quite hard to pronounce,but Char Kuey Teow is a type  of white colour flour-made noodle but broader and flatter than normal yellow noodle.Usually fried with the main ingredients like black soy sauces,slices of fishcake,eggs,bean sprouts ,cooked in sufficient fire for dryness taste.However ,the way of cook and serves are varies for each state of Malaysia,depends on the states you visit,and the most famous one is Penang Char Kuey Teow.

Location: Depends,mostly Chinese food court

Number 7.Nasi Briyani

Food Type : Malay/ Halal

Nasi Briyani,or Briyani rice is a set of rice-based food serves with spices,meat ,fish,eggs,or vegetables,seafood and normally eat with the Keropok Udang (a prawn -cake like biscuit) .Some restraunt will served it on the banana leaf for nice looking.

Location : Malay Food Court (also known as Mamak)

Number 8 . Laksa

Food Type : Chinese /Halal

Laksa is a spicy noodle soup which is quite popular in Malaysia.It was inherited by the Peranakan culture,merger if Chinese and Malay. Laksa is made of coconut-based curry soup,serves with fish ball ,bean sprout Tou-Pok (dried bean curd)making it a complete dish. Add some chilis if you need more spicy.

    Location : Almost every Chinese Food Court

Number 9. Prawn Noodle (Hae Mee)

Food Type : Chinese /Halal

Hae-Mee (pronounce 'Hae' ,same tone with the 'Hea' of 'Heavy') is a another famous Penang food.The noodles is served with rich flavored  stock made of shrimp,and is garnished by big prawns,sliced eggs,fishcakes and bean sprouts.

Loaction : Food Court

Number 10 .Yong Tau Foo                            

Food type : Chinese (Hakka) /Non Halal

Yong Tau Foo is a clear consomme soup consist of varied selection of food.These optional choice include fish balls,cuttlefish,lettuce,ladies finger, crab sticks ,bittergour and chili filled with fish paste.The foods are the sliced into pieces and boiled with hot water and flavoring with sauce.You can do your own match by picking up your favorite,eat with noodle,beehoon,kuey teow or even laksa.Somebody also like to simply taste it with rice.

Location : The most famous one is Ampang Yong Tau Foo.

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